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Julia Good at things. LOS ANGELES. [email protected]
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I have been working with @suitcase_joe and @whatsupimnatty lately to help source food & supplies to distribute on Skid Row in Los Angeles. This is one of the most vulnerable homeless communities in LA that desperately needs support & lacks proper government funding. Natty and Joe are the real heroes as it is their organization & their goal to share the stories of those who are overlooked and build a team to provide support. I am grateful to lend a small hand and have a platform that is also so dedicated and involved. You guys donated $5993 to me in 24 hours 2 weeks ago to help with these efforts and I am still so blown away. These funds are currently being allocated to purchasing supplies for a women’s event on Skid Row at the end of June. In addition to basic necessities, @whatsupimnatty has secured health screening & Covid testing for street residents for the event. THANK YOU EVERYONE. 🙏🏻 If you have not donated but would like to, you can Venmo $5 or $10 to me @itsblitzzz or click the link in @whatsupimnatty’s profile to donate to their GoFundMe. All photos by @suitcase_joe 📷
On Monday we said goodbye to our foster kittens. I felt like I needed to update everyone since so many of you have been following their journey and feel so connected to them. Before they were picked up by their new parents, we held them with full love and I know they felt it!! Here are some clips from our last moments together. Fostering has been a challenging but truly rewarding experience and I have a lot of respect for anyone else who shares their time in this way. I have learned so much patience and understanding in my short time doing it. Swipe to the last slide to see a pic of Mr. Mans & Esther adjusting to their new home together 🥺🤧😍. Rescue organizations are very low on resources right now, so if you have time & space to foster please consider it. I thought to myself I could not do it again for a while because of the sadness I felt letting them go, but we are already waiting for our next foster baby. ❤️
Responding to all of the messages I have received like this in the past week. Are brands obligated to speak up? Is a brand that stays silent worth supporting? 💭
Breast Cancer Care
Breast Cancer Care Everything about breast cancer for a breast cancer fighter and the dedicated caregivers.
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sketch EAT.MUSIC.DRINK.ART @theothersketchldn
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A picture is worth a thousand words... Creative Nights at #sketchParlour with @cyrusartist 🖤 
A picture is worth a thousand words... Creative Nights at #sketchParlour with @cyrusartist 🖤 
A picture is worth a thousand words... Creative Nights at #sketchParlour with @cyrusartist 🖤 
Eric Lanlard
Eric Lanlard Master patissier,author,TV presenter,Youtuber & future”Virgin Galactic"Astronaut🇫🇷🇬🇧🎂🚀 #cake #space Patron @backuptrust @cakeboyldn
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You don t have to be #vegan to eat #plantbased Food 😜... it is a talent to create food which is delicious , nutritious and ❤️ by everybody does not matter which #diet they are following 👨🏻‍🍳👩‍🍳
• @windmillclapham • @youngspubs •
• •  #london #uk #dubai #abudhabi  #france #usa #qatar  #saudiarabia  #bahrain  #uae #india #singapore #moscow  #style #malaysia #marriottbonvoy #zyzz #gym #beauty #fitfam #mybatterseareach #food #cake #cakeboy #boy  @mybatterseareach
Time to think about what i should be #baking next week 🤔🍰.... Bon Weekend mes #amis !!! ❤️
• • 📸 @g2fotog @marriottbonvoy •
• •  #london #uk #dubai #abudhabi  #france #usa #qatar  #saudiarabia  #bahrain  #uae #india #singapore #moscow  #style #malaysia #marriottbonvoy #zyzz #gym #beauty #fitfam #mybatterseareach #food #cake #cakeboy #boy  @mybatterseareach
It s all about the #details 👌🏻.... ❤️ #patisserie • @cakeboyldn #chocolate •
• • •  #london #uk #dubai #abudhabi  #france #usa #qatar  #saudiarabia  #bahrain  #uae #india #singapore #moscow  #style #malaysia #marriottbonvoy #zyzz #gym #beauty #fitfam #mybatterseareach #food #cake #cakeboy #boy  @mybatterseareach
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My fav ... being cheered off the pitch after playing at half time. Archie had paper stuffed up his nose after a nose bleed and it was lashing down 😂im so proud #proud #rugby #bluesvmunster
So proud of my Archie ... flag bearing for the @cardiff_blues with his @barrymandjrfc team mates and playing at half time in this weather 😊 #rugby #cardiffblues #funnight
A huge happy 8th birthday to my gorgeous Archie. Have the best day mate we love you lots. #birthdayboy #8today #love
CLERKENWELLBOY • FOOD + TRAVEL FOOD EDITOR • TRAVEL WRITER • FOOD + DRINKS JUDGE • CURATOR 🏆 Award Winning Content Creator || Consulting & Brand Partnerships
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Celebrating 25 years of with *THIS* advanced copy of The #BookOfStJohn by industry legends #FergusHenderson and #TrevorGulliver (published by @eburybooks) which includes over 100 brand new recipes, each of which has held a significant place in the St. JOHN kitchens over the last 25 years || My personal favourites include the trotter & bone marrow pie plus the INSANELY delicious whipped cod's roe with potato cakes & oozy egg... and all the desserts! 🍦 || The recipe book will be released early next month ~ but you can pre-order signed copies via the link over's
profile || TAG a friend who needs this (in the comments section below) and I'll send a signed copy to one lucky WINNER x 😋🔥❤️
Brilliant cooking by @123farokh plus the best company with @theburgeraddict 🔥
Been eating my body weight in #hummus over the past few days... 🌞🌴😋 || Here are some tips & highlights for anyone travelling to TEL AVIV: ✓ Abu Hassan for hummus & felafels (the hummus from Shlomo & Doron @ Carmel Market is also brilliant), ✓ Cafe Puaa for brunch (really cute alfresco spot), ✓ Port Said for THE BEST lunch (incredible aubergine... plus the EPIC chicken sandwich, everything is great there), ✓ Miznon for the aubergine sabiche (and hands down the best pita), ✓ Mashya for a modern twist on Middle Eastern classics (pre book in advance), ✓ North Abraxas for delicious lamb buns, ✓ Dalida for the spicy feta brulee, ✓ Opa for Vegan Cafe vibes, ✓ Imperial Bar for great cocktails (we also liked drinks @ The Butler), ✓ Anita Gelato for dessert, ✓ Yaffa Knafeh כנאפה יפו for the freshly made Knafeh (be prepared to queue!), ✓ Ramano & Teder FM for fun late night vibes, ✓Jimmy Who for a bit of dancing & a rooftop party, ✓ Arias Machne Yehuda for THE MOST INSANELY DELICIOUS midnight snacks (just go!)... ✓ Plus recovery & chill time with cocktails on the beach & fresh watermelon slices in the sun @ Frishman Beach || Also loved our day trip to JERUSALEM: ✓ visit the Mach Neyuda food market for... ✓ the best Tahina (look out for the guy who makes it fresh daily), ✓ all the local cheeses, ✓ tonnes of halva, ✓ definitely drink the fresh pomegranate juice, ✓ make a booking @ MechneYuda restaurant for lunch (from the guy behind The Palomar & The Barbary), ✓ try to save a few hours to visit the Old Town & Western Wall (try to find a local guide... really wished we could've stayed longer!!) || BTW: If you want these places to automatically appear on your Google Maps for free, simply hit up the link in my bio & FOLLOW my updated CB's Hot List (#NotAPressTrip) ✈️🙏🏻✨
Thank you for the tips @_corinnea || Brilliant company with @karynabajaj @aditidugar & friends ❤️ #CB_Travels #GoogleMaps #SuitcaseTravels
*THAT* Black Sea PIDE! 🖤🌊✨
📍@oklava_ldn ✘ @arcadelondon 🔥🍳🧀🌠✔️
Save room for dessert!!😋
@selinkiazim || 📸 @clerkenwellboyec1 #TeamPixel #LeFooding
İlayda Oymak
İlayda Oymak 📸 Influencer ✒️Board member of Oxy Enerji 🎓Bilgi University - TVRP ‘18 🎥 Parfum koleksiyonum👇🏽
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Zeytin ve Limon
Less house, more home 💙
❤︎Akiko❤︎ 🇷🇺 ✖️ 🇯🇵 My father is a mixed race of Russian and Japanese Мой отец смешанная раса русских и японцев ⚪️🔵🔴
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Hope you a wonderful new week everyone❣️

#picoftheday #instadaily #instalike #instagood #instacool #fit #beautiful #love #lovely #happy #sweet #cute #smile #like #nice #charming #cherish #excellent #fantastic #miracle #amazing #awesome #precious #swag #family #mom #life #instalove #selfie #quarterrussian
Do you know Pikachu? 💛💛💛
I will transform into Pikachu at midnight...just kidding🤣

Hope you a lovely Tuesday everyone❣️

#picoftheday #instadaily #instalike #instagood #instacool #fit #beautiful #love #lovely #happy #sweet #cute #smile #like #nice #charming #elegant #excellent #fantastic #miracle #amazing #awesome #precious #swag #pokemon #pikachu #life #instalove #selfie #quarterrussian
Autumn is coming soon🍁🍂
I'm glad and feels so happy 💛🧡

Hope you a fantastic Tuesday everyone❣️

#picoftheday #instadaily #instalike #instagood #instacool #fit #beautiful #love #lovely #happy #sweet #cute #smile #like #nice #charming #elegant #excellent #fantastic #miracle #amazing #awesome #precious #swag #cool #hot #life #instalove #selfie #quarterrussian
Karen L. ✪
Karen L. ✪
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Nagi & Dozer - RecipeTin Eats
Nagi & Dozer - RecipeTin Eats Cook • Photographer • Video Maker • Eater 🐾Dozer antics 🇦🇺Sydney 👇🏻My recipes
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The BEST food gift, the BEST homemade candy, the BEST grazing dessert for gatherings. Ladies and gentlemen - CARAMEL POPCORN!!
Stays fresh and crispy for 2 to 3 weeks, the popcorn is coated perfectly in a thin crispy layer of caramel. It’s not gloopy and it won’t get stuck in your teeth - the trick is baking soda (bi-carb) which makes the caramel foam and increase in volume so you can’t coat the popcorn more better. Also baking it = better even coating + makes it super crisp! ~ N x ❤️
Caramel Popcorn
1/4 cup (60ml) vegetable oil (not required if air popping with a popcorn maker)
1/3 cup popping corn (10 cups popcorn, can go up to 3/4 cup popping corn*)
100g / 7 tbsp butter , unsalted
1 cup (220g) brown sugar , packed
1/2 cup (170g) corn syrup , light (substitute glucose)
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp baking soda (bi-carb)
1. Heat oil in a large pot over medium heat. Add a few pieces of popcorn, when it pops, remove – oil is hot enough
2. Add popcorn, elevate off stove to shake to spread corn out. Cover with a lid. Once the popcorn starts popping in earnest, shake the pot gently once.
3. When you can count to 3 between pops, remove and transfer to a (very!) large bowl. You need 10 cups of popcorn.
4. CARAMEL:  Melt butter over medium heat. Add sugar, corn syrup and salt. Stir until just combined. When it starts to bubble, simmer for 4 min - DO NOT STIR!
5. Working quickly, remove from heat, whisk in vanilla and baking soda, will foam. Quickly pour over popcorn, toss as best you can (will coat better in next steps).
6. Spread on 2 baking trays, bake 45 min at 110°C/230°F, tossing every 10 min or so. (If using glucose, bake further 15 min). Cool, break into pieces and serve. Stays crisp 2 - 3 weeks!
#recipetineats #caramelpopcorn #foodgift #popcorn
Here’s a LAZY ASS dinner for you!!! It involves little more than cracking opening a couple of cans, then using those empty cans to measure out the liquids to tip into the pot. 😇
It’s hearty and filling, and starting with bacon means you’ll have an awesome flavour base for the broth even though this is a total cheeky shortcut recipe! ~ N x ❤️
Emergency Corn Chowder
1 tsp oil or butter
2 slices bacon , streaky!
2 garlic cloves , minced
400g/14oz can creamed corn (1 can)
400g/14oz can corn kernels , drained (1 can)
1 2/3 cups (400ml) chicken stock / broth (1 empty corn can)
3/4 cup (200ml) milk , any fat % (1/2 empty can)
1 potato , diced into 1.5 cm/ 1/2" small cubes
1/2 tsp each salt and pepper
1 green onion , finely sliced
1/2 cup (100 ml) milk , any fat % (1/4 empty can)
1 1/2 tbsp cornflour / corn starch
1. Place oil and bacon strips in pot over medium high, cook bacon until golden then remove and chop. Discard excess fat – leave about 1 tbsp.
2. Saute garlic 15 sec, then add creamed corn and kernels. 
3. Fill empty can with chicken broth, tip that in. Fill half can with milk, tip that in. Add potato, salt and pepper. Stir, simmer 7 minutes or until potato tender.
4. Fill empty can 1/4 of the way with milk, add cornflour/cornstarch and stir. Then pour that in and stir, simmer 1 1/2 minutes or until thickened.
5. Ladle into bowls, sprinkle with bacon and green onions. Dinner, done. How easy was THAT??!!
#recipetineats #quickdinner #soup #cornchowder
Your daily Dozer case you missed this on stories the other day!!
Winnie The Pooh was always my favorite growing up. So when I saw this outfit in Japan, I HAD to get it even though it’s too small for him (even doggie clothing is midget over there 😂😂) He looks ridiculous and it’s too tight and short on him, but I made him waddle around in it for a while just for my own amusement!! 😂😂
#dozerfoodbloggerpuppy #lifeofdozer #recipetineats
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