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Billy the Fridge
Billy the Fridge Buy a shirt!
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We are all too slow to recognize the villain within.
Making friends on the set of @mr_bleachers_movie @imangeladimarco @mckennaralston @2xuntheartist #mrbleachersmovie
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Luis Lecca @ Nuke the Fridge
Luis Lecca @ Nuke the Fridge Influencer, Reporter, Blogger and Founder of Nuke The Fridge!
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Get your Scooby snacks ready!
#Scoob hits VOD this Friday!
@nerdlecca with James Gunn, Sean Gunn, and Michael Rooker!
LG Russia
LG Russia Официальный аккаунт LG Electronics Россия
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Сохранить пользу витаминов поможет холодильник LG с технологией DoorCooling+. В чём секрет? Ответ — в видео.

#LG #DoorCooling #лайфхакиLG
LG SIGNATURE. Проверено кинематографистом ✅
Известный кинорежиссёр, сценарист и продюсер Резо Гигинеишвили @rezofilm считает, что кино cоздают идеалисты. В результате творческого процесса должен получиться безупречный продукт, который с удовольствием будут смотреть как на большом экране, так и на OLED телевизоре LG SIGNATURE. Его 8 миллионов самоподсвечивающихся пикселей откроют перед вами каждую деталь изображения, а умный процессор настроит яркость и контрастность под конкретный контент. Какие ещё крутые решения LG SIGNATURE позволят раскрыть вам все замыслы авторов, Резо Гигинеишвили рассказал в своём обзоре.
Илья Авербух @averbukhofficial в своих ледовых шоу всегда стремится к совершенству и полной гармонии света, техники и звука. Похожая требовательность у него есть и к телевизору, на котором он просматривает свои шоу. Яркая контрастная картинка достигается за счет глубокого черного цвета, которым так знаменита OLED технология. Умный процессор телевизора LG OLED TV оптимизирует изображение и звук в зависимости от жанра фильма или телепередачи. А также подстраивает яркость и звук под окружающее пространство. 
Glamour Italia
Glamour Italia La tua guida a Fashion, Beauty e Benessere - Quality is our Business Plan #CondeNastQuality
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Beauty goal: Úrsula Corberó 🖤
Pronte al triathlon del benessere? L’appuntamento milanese con @wanderlust__italy 108 è domenica 29 settembre a Citylife. Guardate le nostre stories per seguire il takeover di @mihaellaruss, yoga lover e amica di Glamour. E venite a trovarci nella nostra area relax, scattate una foto nella vostra posizione yoga preferita tenendo in mano il nostro magazine e taggateci #thisisglamour #ifeelglamour #strikeaglamourpose. Potreste essere invitati al prossimo evento della Glamour Society!
#FindYourTrueNorth #Wanderlust108  #WanderlustItaly
Gioca con i colori e sfida la tua creatività. Scopri tutta la collezione su @rosatogioielli 
#CNShareable #ShareableforRosatoGioielli #GlamourforRosatoGioielli
Biohacker & Whole30 Coach
Biohacker & Whole30 Coach ▪️Wellness Preventative Specialist ▪️Certified Whole30 Coach ▪️Bulletproof Coach ▪️Functional Nutrition ▪️San Francisco #whole30 #biohacking
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What a time we are living in.

White privilege.  Not something I tend to want to acknowledge or discuss.  I’d like to think I earned the respect, and opportunities that I’ve been given.  To acknowledge that the color of my skin has anything to do with my success, falls into a vulnerable acceptance or what the truth really is. 
I made a post at the beginning of this week, focusing on bowel movement health, and while many people laughed and took it as my usual informative, but edgy(the photo of me on the toilet) post, otherwise experienced another angle.  And while that was not my intention, I still get to be accountable that it came across that way.  The timing, and content was not appropriate given we are in the middle of a civil rights movement that deserves the acknowledgement and respect. 
I’d like to think I get it.  I’d like to think I know what its like, because my kids are mixed race, and I see the looks they get, the fact that they are the minority, and pretty much the few non white kids in their class.  I’d like to think I understand what its like, based of their experience, but in reality that’s a slap to the face to everyone else.  My go to has always been, “I don’t see people’s skin color” but that’s just ridiculous, and possibly insulting.  I’m a white guy from Marin County, given a life where my parents never had to fear that I wouldn’t come home, or that the only reason I got pulled over was because I was a jerk and speeding…not because I “fit the description”. Its arrogant of me to think I can relate, maybe because I want to, I want to be able to say, “I get it, I totally understand what you are experiencing” Maybe that’s the co dependent in me.  The reality is, that won’t ever be the case.  The best I can do is listen, and hear what others are experiencing. 
What has your best resource been through all this?
Hi 👋 🚽 💩

I feel like we know each other well enough to share this space together.  So here we are 💁‍♂️ Do you use a Squatty Potty?  Squatting is the only natural way for humans to have bowel movements. 
When you sit on the toilet, with the common posture, it inhibits the smooth exit of waste. 
While many people may have a Squatty Potty, they are still not using it correctly.  It’s not just something to lift up your legs while you sit.  The benefit comes when you actually are squatting and activating, and relaxing specific muscles from it. This doesn’t mean you have to sit up off the toilet an extra foot, but just activate the squat position through your heels, no need to be pushing…it’ll occur naturally. 
When you are in the wrong posture, it forces you to strain and push, which is not good.  It creates an incomplete elimination of waste. 
For $25-$40, you can really change your experience in the bathroom.  Full, complete eliminations, immediately. 
I got my first @squattypotty about 7 years ago.  Now you can get them at places like @target or @walmart as well.  It’s great to see things like this become more accessible to consumers. I couldn’t imagine not using one, unless I’m camping, or in the woods…where I’d just squat. 🐒 
Do you have one? How has it changed your life thus far?
I welcome the sun. No sunscreen here. ☀️🔆☀️ In my post yesterday, I went into the reasons sunscreen does more harm than good for us. 
Get out at sunrise, and get as much of your skin as exposed to the morning infrared light spectrum as possible.  The more infrared light you get, the more UV light you can handle later in the day.  Infrared light is most dominant at sunrise, and roughly 2 hours after.  This is called building your solar callous, and it’s crucial for people who have sensitive skin, or do not tan well.  The infrared wavelengths will help metabolize the UV so you do not burn as easily.  Got too much sun during the day? Make sure to spend as much time as possible outside in the sunset hours as well to help reverse the redness.  Also a cold shower will help. 
My favorite app for the sun is Dminder. It’s free and will give you an idea of how long you should be outside before you burn.
Stephanie Kilgast
Stephanie Kilgast Let nature grow back | consume less Contact ***
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My room at @de_dal_e in their book 😁😆🎨
Certainly one of the better experiences I've had in the art world 💙🎨
#artistofinstagram #art #vannes #dedalecafe #dedalevannes #muralart #artcontemporain #contemporaryart #rainbowart
I've fallen in love with ink and watercolor 💙🖌️
Decided to paint a series inspired by the island Vallisaari, near Helsinki, which is full with abandoned bunkers.
Post apocalyptic moods always weirdly cheer me up 😁 probably because I find it reassuring how nature can so easily grow back when we let it.
Soon available, subscribe to my newsletter to know when
#artistofinstagram #watercolorpainting #watercolor #inkdrawing #dippen #postapocalyptic #painting #gradient #art #aquarelle #encre
There's never too many colors! 🌈
Am I right?
#tbt to this rainbow-y crystallized bottle 🎨
Thrifted the bottle and created a rainbow on top of it. 😊
This one is still available
#sculpture #art #artcontemporain #contemporarysculpture #sculpturecontemporaine #contemporaryartist #rainbowart #upcycledart #recycledart
LG Gulf
LG Gulf You will be amazed by the beauty of innovative products by LG.
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Pure air, wherever you go. 
هواء نقي أينما كنت.
#LG #LGGulf #PuriCareMini #PuriCare #AirPurifier #MiniAirPurifier #Mini
As they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Grab yours, fresh out of the LG Refrigerator! 
تفاحة فى اليوم تبقى الطبيب بعيدا! احتفظ بموادك الغذائية طازجة في ثلاجة ال جي.
#LG #LGGulf #Refrigerator #DoorInDoor #Kitchen #Appliance #Fresh #Food #Delicious
Famous for knock-on feature that let you see inside, our popular InstaView series has LOTS of new Innovations at CES 2020. Discover how ThinQ Vision technology can make your life more easier by actually recognizing your food. Learn More: #LG #CES2020 #LGCES2020 #LGatCES #LGThinQ #Anywhereishome #AI #LGInstaView
Danish Fridge
Danish Fridge Huge Pokémon nerd, player of video games and college student.
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Andy Benavides
Andy Benavides MotherOfGirls Alía🤍Aria🤍Andy Blogger/Lawyer/TVhostDiscoveryH&H Click “Email” for work inquiries Official Accts @andylealbenavides @arialealbenavides
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