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Matt Giordano
Matt Giordano ✨Booking: *** ✨Sponsored by @XeroShoes 👇Online Workshops, Retreats, Trainings
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Hands down (pun intended) #1 mistake people make when trying to do a press handstand is trying to lift their legs up way to soon. Press handstand requires a lot that is unseen. The name of the action is PRESS handstand not lift handstand and that tells you a lot about what is ultimately needed - Pressing down into the ground with your shoulders all the way through your fingers until your rib cage rotates inside of your shoulder blades. THIS is completely reversed from anything we do in life. It requires strength but also tremendous muscle intelligence in order to reverse the directionality of the shoulder muscles. I hear a lot of people frustrated at not being able to do a press handstand so I wanted to give you a little insight as to why it’s not something you should just be able to do, it will require persistent practice, strength building of the shoulder girdle. NOW back to the legs - the psoas needs to be strong enough to hold the femurs right into the chest, and hamstrings flexible enough. Here is why: hold something heavy in your hand - straighten your arm and notice how that object feels heavier and heavier the further away it is from your center, then bring the object up against your heart, and observe how light it is in comparison. If you reach your legs up to soon they actually go away from your core and pull your upper body off the balance point, making your legs heavy AF and ultimately you will fall back to your starting position. My suggestion: start training jump forwards from a short down dog, squeeze the thighs close to your chest, push or press the ground away (shoulders to ears), and try to delay the landing of your feet by leaning into your fingers. Develop strength in your fingers/shoulders/deep core through similar actions. If you want to be guided to develop this strength visit - I put it on sale today for those of you that read this far!
1.39K is a beautiful way to move consciously to the rhythm of your Breathe and Music. My personal practice primarily focuses on micro-movements so Inside Flow is a great balance to that. If you’re in NYC this weekend check out my wife @dancinbecka teaching Inside Flow at @omfactorynycyoga Visit her to get all the details!!
InsideFlow: Love Myself
Anamaya Resort
Anamaya Resort #Yoga and #Surf #Retreat in #Montezuma, offering yoga teacher training, #organic food, a huge #waterfall. Relax with the best view in Costa Rica. 👇
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What are you being for Halloween? 
What about being a flexible, relaxed yogi? 😆
We have a few spots left for Cristiane's retreat the last week in October and would love to invite you to spook and stretch with us. 🎃
(Plus, the flights are frighteningly inexpensive 😱)
Happy #MovementMonday 😍 How are you moving today?
IDK 😆 #workisntworkwhenyouloveit #yogateacher #yogainstructor
patrick beach
patrick beach creator of @awakeningyogaacademy owner @communeyoga seattle 🙏🏼 life in commune podcast practice healthy hips + hamstrings now! 🔽
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my favorite part about this “phase” is our two hour morning walks through the city every day. watching her eyes light up as she sees different things one moment then be completely at peace sleeping the next is an amazing experience. #dadlife
we are getting ready for our first big family trip! what are your tips for traveling with a baby? we are headed to dundee, dublin, amsterdam, and london starting on wednesday!

#yogaflow #yogavideo #practiceyoga #movementculture
two seconds after this i lifted her above my head, she laughed hysterically then threw up on my face and in my hair, the joke is literally on me 😂 #dadlife
Black Cat Yoga Libertyville
Black Cat Yoga Libertyville ✨ Libertyville’s most welcoming YOGA STUDIO✨ Vinyasa Flow, Hot Yoga, Athletes R+R, Meditation. RYT 200 Training. (Highland Park location: @2hotyoga )
822 584 717
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We’re so excited to celebrate the Fall Equinox - this Sunday at 12:30pm.
Join us for a soulful class, a little education on the solstice, intention setting and clearing for fall. THEN if that wasn’t enough, stay for bevies + craft flower crowns.
Tap into the rhythms of the season and have some FUN with our community. 🍁
Link in bio to register or DM us.
#fallequinox #rituals #flowercrowns #sangha #yogapractice #yogafam @meghankhanna @chicago_yoga_community
Forget the Sunday Scaries. ✨ Slay your Sunday with good vibes. Connect with a friend. Have a fancy Sunday cocktail. Carve out some time to read. But most importantly be intentional. We bring in the energy we put out, so take make sure to keep it elevated!
#mindset #sundayscaries #yogabrunchrepeat #lvillepride #blackcatyoga
Indian Summer? Maybe!
Carving out time each week to be outdoors has a proven positive impact on mental health. Can you commit to taking advantage of some of the heat, sun and breeze we’re experiencing? 🖤 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
#indiansummer #fallboating #yogaoutdoors #treepose #libertyville #yogaasana
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We camp better than you. ⛺️
Have you played today?
When you tell me about your boyfriend....
✨Cindy Hammock✨
✨Cindy Hammock✨ Work Hard💪🏻Dream Big🙏🏻Never Give Up ❤️
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Day 25/366 #staglegs 
Working on my stag legs after my 
6:00 am Vinyasa with the amazing @yogi_doyle. I think everything is just a little harder at 6:00am 😳
Coming from a stag position into straight up has always been challenging but it’s getting better!
Tried to puppy press off my wheel which is about an inch taller than my little zebra chair. I can get it off my chair but not quite there off my wheel... I wonder why? I’ll keep at it @buddhiyogini 🙏🏻🥰😘 #ResolutionHandstand2020 #ResolutionHS366 with @leighyogipilot  #2020handies handstandpractice 
#getupsidedowneveryday #ResolutionHandstand #inspiration #yoga #yogainspiration #practicepracticepractice #fitspo  #beawesome #inversionjunkies
Day 23/366 
I thought I would work on my puppy press into the Y leg shape. A shape introduced by @workoutwithchr1s. I try so hard to keep compressed to get up from the press that it makes it super hard to go into the leg shape. BUT my press is getting more consistent!! Straddle press is another story 😫
#ResolutionHandstand2020 #ResolutionHS366 with @leighyogipilot  #2020handies handstandpractice 
#getupsidedowneveryday #ResolutionHandstand #inspiration #yoga #yogainspiration #practicepracticepractice #fitspo  #beawesome #inversionjunkies
Day 22/366 
Working towards #mexicanhandstand  and this is something I rarely work on but I’m happy with my control. 
Fellow handstand friend @nancybug_fit shared a great video by Coach Bachmann on how to work towards this crazy backbend  of a handstand. Using the wall, from your handstand go into the Mexican handstand shape and touch both feet on the wall with control and then come back to straight up and repeat with control. 
#ResolutionHandstand2020 #ResolutionHS366 with @leighyogipilot  #2020handies handstandpractice 
#getupsidedowneveryday #ResolutionHandstand #inspiration #yoga #yogainspiration #practicepracticepractice #fitspo  #beawesome #inversionjunkies
De Pijn Manager
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More mats for #RossiterStretching courses in #Europe.
If you are looking for effective bodywork that is not stressful to your #body, then this is for you.
The techniques are designed to protect you-the coach.
#Europe schedule December 2019 - 2020 to be announced soon.
#pilatesteacher #massagetherapist #physio #yogateachers #fitnessinstructor #footballcoach
Today a message separate from 
pain management. Please take a moment to read my words, its part of my world since the day 10+ years ago that little girl crossed my path.
Thank YOU!

Besides being passionate about getting you out of #pain and restoring your #mobility, I'm also passionate about preventing childtrafficking via airline Unaccompanied Minor services. 
The book - Unaccompanied Minor - "One man's journey from bystander to anti-child trafficking activist" is now available at amazon, barnesandnoble, and your local bookstore.

Inspired on a true story, with added fiction, and happening @ airports all over the world.
#passengerassistant #PA

#airlines, #airports #IATA #EU #politicians #justicedepartments "YOU MAY CHOOSE TO LOOK THE OTHER WAY BUT YOU CAN NEVER SAY AGAIN THAT YOU DID NOT KNOW" - William Wilberforce. "It is time bringing down morally bankrupt people. 
Once started you will join
Courage is contagious."
- RvG
A new study finds the chemical war against cholesterol using statin drugs was justified through statistical deception and the cover up of over 300 adverse health effects documented in the biomedical literature.

#therossitersystem #RossiterStretching #RossiterHolland
#Painfree #nontoxic #noninvasive #nodrugs #healthy choices
hails | yoga for athletes | 🌊
hails | yoga for athletes | 🌊 physiotherapist @myodetox | yoga teacher | mental health advocate ✖️ ० workouts | wine #lifestyle ० schedule | codes below ० #yogaforathletes 🌊
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How do you want to feel when this is all over? .

I know I want to feel like I gave it all I’ve got 🌊 @stronger .

Happy Monday friends! Wish you could all hear me cheering you on to go 👏🏽 get 👏🏽 it 👏🏽 . (as always, I’m cheering for you even if getting it today meant sleeping an extra 2 hours or taking some needed rest - that’s part of giving it all you’ve got too) .

let it test you. let it challenge you. let it bruise you. let it crack you. .

do not let it break you. .

I promise I won’t let it break you 🤍 .

Happy Sunday my humans. Wish I could give you all a big hug today. But know that I’m here, & know that I’ve got you. .

HIIT it with Hails 🥳 wow guys it’s been a minuteeee since I posted an EMOM! But here I am with a minimal / no equipment plan for your leggies & core 🌊 don’t forget to save for later! .

METHOD: EMOM. Every min on the min. Start timer for 1 minute and begin reps of first exercise, left over time is your rest time. When the next minute starts, move on to the next exercise - and repeat 🙃 .

1️⃣ burpees x 12 (it’s not a hails workout without em) .
2️⃣ Bulgarian split squats x 12 per leg (use a stool, chair, stack of books - can add weights if you have them) .
3️⃣ plank knee drive combo x 14 total .
4️⃣ banded jump squats x 15 straight into banded air squats x 15 (band is optional!) .
5️⃣ banded glute bridges x 20 (I’m using a very very heavy band here, feel free to add weight or double up your band for a challenge) .
6️⃣ lunge knee drives x 12 per side (touch the floor and add the hop every single time - or modify without the hop if needed) .
7️⃣ leg lower circles x 5 each way (keep your low back glued to the floor and go slow - you should want to die) .
🔁 I repeated 6x + 1x to film and actually died. Good luck 😂🙃 .

Happy Thursdayyyy my humans! Go get it 🤗 Pls tag me if you try this 🌊🌊 .

shorts are @doyouevenwomen excel, bra is @lululemon flow Y, shoes are @adidaswomen boosts 19 .

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#athloyoga #myyoga #yogateacher #yoga #yogamom #influencer #yogalifestyle #yogapose #yogaoutside #balance  #freeyourmind #thinkpositive  #instaphoto #traveling #yogaeverydamnday #yogaphotography #yogapractice #yogafit #yogajourney #yogalife #familylife #yogainspiration #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #sustainable #wellness #namaste ☮️💟🕉 〽️
The calm and balanced mind, is a strong and great mind!
Yes, it is important to love others unselfishly and it’s important to work hard for every aspect of your life! But when we compromise our needs and martyr ourselves to the point of depleting ourselves and neglecting our needs, we become out of balance. And if we are off balance, our home will be off balance!!! So it’s important to give attention to your self first! Stay healthy by exercising, keep a balanced diet, find the time to do something fun for you (even if it is something small) and sleep right!!! There is no limit to what great and beautiful things we can create with the power of a balanced life! 🙏🏽〽️ _________________________________________________
. @mariada.s.pieridi .
. @kostaskappaphotography .
 #athloyoga #myyoga #yogateacher #yoga #yogamom #influencer #yogalifestyle #yogapose #yogaoutside #balance  #freeyourmind #thinkpositive  #instaphoto #traveling #yogaeverydamnday #yogaphotography #yogapractice #yogafit #yogajourney #yogalife #familylife #yogainspiration #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #sustainable #wellness #namaste ☮️💟🕉 〽️
#athloyoga #myyoga #yogateacher #yoga #yogamom #influencer #yogalifestyle #yogapose #yogaoutside #balance  #freeyourmind #thinkpositive  #instaphoto #traveling #yogaeverydamnday #yogaphotography #yogapractice #yogafit #yogajourney #yogalife #familylife #yogainspiration #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #sustainable #wellness #namaste ☮️💟🕉 〽️
Yogi ’n go Sadhaka
Yogi ’n go Sadhaka Believe, understand who you really are, live up to your genuine human design and trust your destiny. ❣️ 🧘🏼‍♂️ Yogi since 2015 🙏🏻 actually in YTT200
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I had such an inspiring day today with amazing talks, sharing ideas and meeting amazing people that I wanted to enjoy this feeling in thankful stillness tonight and recap this day in meditation. 
BUT when I read the honest and ooen post from @northernstar_yoga (and we exchanged about the topic bilateral) I thought and we decided to share this topic - wich was also one of the things I had an inspiring talk about this day in another context: 
its about leaving the exhaustion mode, leaving the survival mode behind and come back to the mode of life, joy and happiness. 
We all have to master our tasks but many feel overwhelmed and some also close to break down. The topic it too big and the reasons too many to be treated well enough here, and I don’t want to bullshit around. 
But one aspect is valuable for all of us: We need to overcome the lie of multitasking. We simply can’t. Our brain is designed for sequencing, doing one thing at a time. What we call multitasking is in fact jumping from one sequence to the next. Well, we can do that for a certain period of time, but the longer the period, the deeper the exhaustion. And finally we endanger our mental and physical health. Recognize the first signs and take them serious. Hit the brake and take your time to do .... nothing. Exactly!! We need to actively do nothing but breathe. Take e.g. a minute each hour and a 10 minutes plus break per day for meditation/breathing. 
It will not only prevent your health but fill you with even more energy for the rest of the day. 
Why run a marathon if we can cut it down to a series of sprints and recovery. So doing nothing from time to time is not being lazy! It’s important to give our best and as such valuable for us, our family, our job, team, boss and company. No excuses and  no bad conscience please. 
Give it a try and please tell me  about your experience. 
And if it works for you, share it to help others. 
Thanks and Namste (And now I will sit and breathe 😉 and walk my talk)
© 2019 by (may contain advertising).
#yoga #meditation #takeabreak #breathing #relax #yogi #pranayama #recharge #metime #yogalife #yogalifestyle #pause #healing #health #thankful
Who is joining, too? ・・・
🌟🥨🧘‍♀️ NEW CHALLENGE #HipPretzel 🧘‍♀️🥨🌟
Asana literally means seat and in our minds we often think of lotus pose as the traditional seated meditation pose that often represents the practice of yoga. 🧘‍♀️ During these ten days we’ll be working towards lotus pose and open up our hips to approach our peak pose in a safe way.
Join us for a yummy hip opener practice starting September 21st! Whether you love all kinds of lotus variations or you have never tried this pose yet, this challenge is for all levels and modifications are more than welcome!
⁣It’s easy to play:⁣
👉Follow all hosts and sponsors
👉Help us spread the word by reposting this flyer and tagging some friends to join.
👉Post a picture each day using the hashtag #HipPretzel and mentioning hosts & sponsors⁣- health and safety always come first, props and modifications are welcome!
👉Set your profile to public so we can see you.
👉Spread some love to your fellow hosts & participants during the challenge!
🥨Pose List:
1 Lizard or low lunge 
2 Warrior 2 or half moon
3 Butterfly or frog
4 Cow face or eagle
5 Goddess or malasana
6 Pigeon or firelog
7 Straddle fold or hand to big toe 
8 Figure four or foot to armpit
9 Any half lotus pose
10 Any full lotus pose
#aloyoga #alomoves #aloyogachallenge #yogachallenge #hipopener #Yoga #yogagermany
„There is nothing perfect, no one can be perfect, and perfectionism is something you shouldn't chase.“ - Shawn Crahan
So here I go with my perfectly imperfect standing split and feel happy about the way I still can go to improve and grow. .
[ad] © 2019 by
#yogagermany #yogadeutschland #yoga #standingsplit #urdhvaprasaritaekapadasana #yogi #beachyoga #perseverance #perfectlyimperfect #aloyoga #yogafun #myyoga #myyogapractice #yogapractice #progressnotperfection
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