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Nicki Gee ~*~ YouTube Channel Analytics and Report

Nicki Gee ~*~ Painel de estatísticas e análises do YouTube (Dados atualizados em 2019-11-12)
Nicki Gee ~*~
Entrou no YouTube em: 2010-08-09Área: Estados Unidos  Idioma: Inglês 
Total de Visitas
2.08M  0.7%
Média de visualizações
9.44K  2.7%
Vídeos Totais
Rótulo do Canal
Assinantes Classificação Global
854,490th  (Top 9.1%)
Posição do país/área
138,416th  (Top 19.8%)
Vídeos publicados
0  (Mês Recente)
Est. Partner Earning
$ 85-$ 264
Est. Potential Earnings
$ 136.4  (Cada vídeo)
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7 dias
30 dias
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46.55K Views· 2019-09-01 Data de publicação· 1.56K Gosto· 176 Comentários

Help me make even better covers! Support me on Patreon! Buy me a ko-fi! ▼SUPPORT! STREAM AND BUY THE SONG HERE! Spotify: Amazon: iTunes: ▼Track Info: Game: Fire Emblem: Three Houses Original Artist: Buttercup ▼Follow Nicki Gee: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Soundcloud: ▼Follow Rainych Ran (Mix): YouTube: ▼Follow ELI2BURRESS (Instrumental): YouTube: ▼Follow Zellyfish Twitter: ▼Outro Credits: Art: Music: REM by Deoxys Beats | Music promoted by Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported Oh my god was this a long time coming, so much work by everyone involved and honestly it felt like it might never be posted, but here it is. And now I will sleep for a week! ENJOY! Lyrics: Reach for my hand, I’ll soar away Into the dawn, oh, I wish I could stay Here in cherished halls, In peaceful days I fear the edge of dawn knowing time betrays Faint lights pass through colored glass In this beloved place Silver shines, the world dines A smile on each face As joy surrounds, comfort abounds And I can feel I’m breaking free For just this moment lost in time I am finally me Yet still I hide Behind this mask that I have become My blackened heart Scorched by flames, a force I can’t run from As I live out each peaceful day Deep in my soul, oh, I know I can’t stay So I wish I could hide away Hold tight to what I love Keep cruel fate at bay As rain falls on the path I chase your shadow I don’t feel a single drop Or the ground below Then you turn to me and I Stop before I know And the lie upon my lips I let it go Cross my heart Making vows I know will be betrayed A sad girl’s pleas Live only for a breath and then they fade Don’t ever take back your kind hand Lest precious love slip away like time’s sand Only we will know all that was lost Scars that we can’t erase show us life’s true cost The blue moonlight Cuts across our sight As pure and clear as a ringing bell Reaching for us in the night As the wind calms my thoughts I have strung on this terrace I feel the peace Carried away by the wind’s song Open the door and walk away Never give in to the call of yesterday Memories that made those day sublime These ruined hall entomb stolen time Reach for my hand, I’ll soar away Into the dawn, oh, I wish I could stay Here in cherished halls, In peaceful days I fear the edge of dawn knowing time betrays

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