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Entrou no YouTube em: 2005-11-02Área: Reino Unido  Idioma: Inglês 
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499.31M  0.2%
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1M  0.1%
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6,117th  (Top 1%)
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182nd  (Top 1%)
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5  (Mês Recente)
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$ 73.81K  (Mensal)
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$ 12.88K  (Cada vídeo)
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13.81M Views· 2018-10-10 Data de publicação· 99.89K Gosto· 9.07K Comentários

PART 2 of our animated musical Cuphead bad-assery! Produced by Tom Jenkins Animated by Rizatch: Animatic by Yellow Pyromaniac: Roll or Die Music by Rockit Gaming feat. Fabvl, Divide Lyrics by Rockit, Vinny Noose, Fabvl & Divide Rockit Gaming: Fabvl: Divide: Additional sound design & Edited by Jason Dewey ⬇⬇⬇GET THIS SONG⬇⬇⬇ ♪ Spotify: ♪ iTunes: ♪Google Play: Roll or Die by Rockit Gaming feat. Fabvl, Divide Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Rockit Gaming Written by Rockit, Vinny Noose, Fabvl, Divide Channels Rockit Gaming: LYRICS I own the air, don’t you dare to try me, better be scared I got more than just myself In this house so be aware That me and my son Have got this fight on lock I can see your time is coming to an end Tick tock ah. my my my my fire Is burning hot desire To t-t-t-take you down as These clouds take you higher But know I got three heads They’re gonna keep you spun Watch the fire march coming for you off my tongue Dang you look tasty, now please don't be hasty, i wanna take you, make you mine, never can leave my hive wanna come test me? gonna try to contest me? T’m the queen bee Cuphead nothing can best me Ha ha ha, Captain Brineybeard here only got one eye but I can see your end is near. So give it your best shot To this mighty sea rover Is that all you got Why don’t you wake me when its over [Chorus] Wake us up inside Cause the bosses own the night Says the contract that we signed Cause we Roll or die Roll or die Rollin Gamble with our time Because chance is on our side Will you fold or stack ‘em high Cause we Roll or die Roll or die Rollin [Verse 4] Dramatic Fanatic we’re getting up on the stage A big wave works its way 3rd phase of my game Their running away Starlets rage will make you afraid Gimme an ovation cuz you starred in my play Werner Werman here Call me a Murine My Cannon fires loud got shot from a spring Fire streams burning up splitting you at the seams Final phase a cat I’m controlling its brain Doctor Khal is back I’ll turn you to scrap With my robot in a junkyard Shootin’ out bombs Do your best Shatter his chest Heart is a mess, trust me when I say My diamond’s the real test Carla Maria Mermaid of the sea yeah Fishes are my friends They could kill you in their leisure Look into my eyes Chill you down to the bone It’ll petrify you quick Turn your cup into stone [Chorus] Wake us up inside Cause the bosses own the night Says the contract that we signed Cause we Roll or die Roll or die Rollin Gamble with our time Because chance is on our side Will you fold or stack ‘em high Cause we Roll or die Roll or die Rollin [Verse 5] All aboard The phantom express We’re a skeletal mess You got a bone to pick? Watch your back On my tracks Before we turn the heat up And watch your cups go crack! You better think twice Before you roll the die Cause you got one life So you better get it right I’m a guy in disguise Wearing a purple bowtie With a grin so big It’ll make you go crosseyed You made it this far It’s been a hell of a time Remember when I said You’d be free? Well I lied You’re in my house now The flames they will surround Get ready for your death We’re going deep underground! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Roll or die Roll or die Rollin

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