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WrestlingWorldCC YouTube Channel Analytics and Report

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Entrou no YouTube em: 2016-01-30Área: Outras  Idioma: Inglês 
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108.74M  0.04%
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37.71K  4.62%
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69,486th  (Top 1%)
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8,227th  (Top 1%)
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27  (Mês Recente)
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$ 836-$ 6.69K
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$ 362.87  (Cada vídeo)
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533.31K Views· 2019-10-01 Data de publicação· 2.77K Gosto· 538 Comentários

The September 30, 2019 WWE Monday Night Raw season premiere closed out on a very strong notes with some WWE Returns. Rusev replaced Rey Mysterio in the WWE Universal Championship match after Brock Lesnar took out Rey and Dominic so it was a great night for Rusev up to that point. We saw the return of Bobby Lashley and Lana as well as Bray Wyatt once again going after Seth Rollins. What was more unexpected is the fact that Bobby Lashley and Lana are now a wwe couple. Does this mean Rusev and Lana broke up? The Bobby Lashley and Lana kiss really left that impression on most wwe fans. It was a big return for both Lana and Bobby Lashley as they were both away from the wwe for months. So Bobby Lashley and Lana will be the heels with Rusev being the fact in this feud. We’ll have to wait until next week to get more details on how Lana and Lashley came together. Will Rusev find a new wwe woman to stand by him to face off against his “ex” Lana and Bobby Lashley? Leave your comments, don't forget to Subscribe with notifications on, and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for Watching! Seth Rollins Removed From Twitter After BACKSTAGE FIGHT With Sasha Banks GOES TOO FAR | WWE (Yesterday's Video) --------------------------------------- 🔹Sources used for research: The WWE Raw Season Premiere Episode (9/30/19) Seth Rollins vs Rusev (WWE Universal Championship Match) --------------------------------------- 🎤Music Credits🎤 Music Provided By: Youtube Audio Library --------------------------------------- 🔹More Info about WrestlingWorldCC: Hi, I’m Ron and welcome to my channel, WrestlingWorldCC! After being a fan or pro wrestling since 2004, I decided in 2016 to create my own YouTube channel to cover some of the popular topics among WWE sports entertainment and give my thoughts on them. Let me take your through my creative process, I start by watching the current wwe product, from Monday night raw, to Smackdown love, to ppv events, to rumors, to the social medias of WWE superstars, I keep a close eye on all things professional wrestling and when a find an interesting topic, I write a script in my own words covering the story and giving my own thoughts on it, followed up by recording the commentary, searching for the appropriate images from WWE’s official website that relate to the topic at hand, and then I take everything I have so far into my editing software where I put it all together and finalize the video. Between the editing, commentary, thumbnail creation, and finalizing the video onto my channel, each video takes just about 2-3 days to fully create them. It’s an extremely stressful time consuming process, but it’s all worth it because I love creating content for my channel! You can always expect high quality content going over WWE news, WWE rumors, and much more pro wrestling topics! --------------------------------------- 🔹Follow WrestlingWorldCC! Instagram: WrestlingWorldCC Twitter: WrestlingWCC --------------------------------------- 🔹Check Out Some More Videos! WWE Top 10 Playlist: Latest 2019 WWE News: Alexa Bliss Playlist: Top 10 WWE Couples that you never knew existed (playlist): Becky Lynch Playlist: --------------------------------------- 🔹Image Credit: All images used is courtesy of and is protected under Fair Use All images in this video are courtesy of WWE and its respectful owners. WrestlingWorldCC is not affiliated with any wrestling organizations #wwe #Lana #WWESmackdown #WWERaw

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