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Baby spiders are cute and deadly from the day they leave the egg sac. The spider tank has many changes happening by week 10. I added a whole nest of ants but they did very little apart from make a ant nest in the soil. There are many critters living in the spider tank, but what's worrying me is a fungus that growing on many things. The spider egg sac that was on the ground was one from the largest alpha female spiders in the tank. For some reason this egg sac has been abandoned. What's inside a spider egg sac? I help out by giving birth to hundreds of Redback spiderlings. The Redback spider (Latrodectus hasseltii) is a species of venomous spider indigenous to Australia. It is a member of the cosmopolitan genus Latrodectus, the widow spiders. The adult female is easily recognised by her spherical black body with a prominent red stripe on the upper side of her abdomen and an hourglass-shaped red/orange streak on the underside. Females have a body length of about 10 millimetres (0.4 in), while the male is much smaller, being only 3–4 mm (0.12–0.16 in) long. Mainly nocturnal, the female Redback lives in an untidy web in a warm sheltered location, commonly near or inside human residences. It preys on insects, spiders and small vertebrates that become ensnared in its web. It kills its prey by injecting a complex venom through its two fangs when it bites, before wrapping them in silk and sucking out the liquefied insides. Male spiders and spiderlings often live on the periphery of the female spiders' web and steal leftovers. Other species of spider and parasitoid wasps prey on this species. The Redback is one of few arachnids which usually display sexual cannibalism while mating. The sperm is then stored in the spermathecae, organs of the female reproductive tract, and can be used up to two years later to fertilise several clutches of eggs. Each clutch averages 250 eggs and is housed in a round white silken egg sac. The Redback spider has a widespread distribution in Australia, and inadvertent introductions have led to established colonies in New Zealand, Japan, and in greenhouses in Belgium. The redback is one of the few spider species that can be seriously harmful to humans, and its preferred habitat has led it to being responsible for the large majority of serious spider bites in Australia. Video posted as educational, documentary, and scientific and forms part of my Redback Spider study series of videos. Leokimvideo is the home of the 'Big Spider Attacks' videos on youtube! You must have written permission from me to use any part of this video, that's the rules. Web Links :

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