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Hello everyone! This week I sang Prince Ali from Aladdin! I’m sure you’ve all seen this one before. Last month, the original cover I did was blocked worldwide. Some versions of that cover have managed to stay up but mine got hit with a copyright block. I’m not sure why that was but sometimes you just gotta take the L and move on which is exactly what we’re doing! Lett's be real for a second though. Vocally, this is something I'd never sing in real life. It's so far out of the realm of things that I can sing reliably but people are big, big fans of this cover. I've never been a big fan of the way I sound singing this song, not because I'm self conscious but because I don't think anyone should be singing this song. It's stupid high, very straining on the voice but people love high notes and high belts. I'm no soprano either so this has always been far, far out of my comfortable range. I want to make it very clear that Prince Ali, although many of you love it, will never be my best work. It does sound strained majority of the time and really took a toll on my voice. I'm fully aware of that and am actively choosing to never dabble in a song like this again! I'm all for expanding your range and trying new things but this is bonkers. I'm not 15 anymore (the age I was when I recorded the original) and my vocals improve more and more everyday. My voice has started to completely outgrow this song and I'm hoping to leave this era behind me once and for all. Also, PLEASE don't use this as a benchmark for "good singing" or a high range. I know the original upload sparked a lot of people to attempt singing this high and you probably shouldn't do that. It can be dangerous to belt this high, it can be damaging to yourself. Take care of your voice and treat yourself with care. This has been a long time coming and has been in the works for a few months now (more like a year). I never, EVER, thought that Prince Ali would have gotten as popular as it did. I remember the second it passed 1 mil, I was completely shocked! 16 year old Anna didn’t know how to cope with that. You guys kept supporting my releases and I’ll never forget that. I’m so incredibly grateful. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Also a huge thank you to my lovely arranger/mixer, PalmMute who put up with my pickiness and taking forever to actually record this. Thank you to all the amazing vocalist who provided their time and vocals and thank you to the incredible artist, Spyrix (Jude) who created this killer artwork for me to use. As always, thank you all so much for your continued love and support! I hope you have a fantastic week and I’ll see you all Saturday. (AND STREAM THIS ON APPLE MUSIC AND SPOTIFY!) ♥ Prince Ali - Aladdin Artwork: Jude (Spyrix) + (thank you!!) Instrumental/Arrangement/Mix - PalmMute [] Background Vocals - Guys: Shawn Despues ( Jeff Simpson ( Matthew Guerra ( Gals: Raku ( Jordan Wall ( Trang Thien Hoang ( Main (genie) Vocals: Anna - that’s me! I only own my voice! This is made by fans for fans, please support the original release! ▶▶ Join my discord here: (we have lots of singing/karaoke events and a generally good time!) ▶▶ Support me on Patreon and get new releases early! ✦✦LISTEN TO MY MUSIC✦✦ Apple Music: Spotify: Some of my covers are available most music sharing platforms! Search “annapantsu” and you should be able to find them. I’m always working on having more covers released on these sites, so keep an eye out! ✦✦FOLLOW ME PLACES✦✦ twitter: @annapantsu instagram: @annapantsuu snapchat: annapantsuuu email: [email protected] patreon: ko-fi: merch: #Aladdin #coverartist #PrinceAli ☆☆☆ A massive thanks to A Certain Random Guy, Amanda Parisher, BloodGallade, Brandon Mattix, Brent Badger, Christen Wentz, Gavin Brandin, Goldenalaska, Hopeful Zero, Jazmyne Quiñones, Megg9020, NuNuTelIa, Sam Sussman, Terra Groenewold, Trashy Bracken, Xavier Gray, Amaris, Holden Meadows, and JwockMallock! You’re all superstars! ☆☆☆

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