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A1 School Projects And Crafts
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Using broomsticks and cardboard build a beautiful Cow Shed and Bullock Cart Wheel. School Project or Craft idea | House of animals – Cow Shed Material Required: -Piece of cardboard -Grass broom sticks. Better to use the old grass broom. otherwise….You understood...right 😊 -Abro tape/Masking tape: You can get it in any nearby hardware shop, normally this tape will be used while doing furniture work. Cost will be around 20-30 INR/ Tape You can buy online also from Amazon. - Scissor, Pencil, kite paper/craft paper etc. - Hot glue gun with glue stick. You can buy online from Amazon, Snapdeal etc. Just check reviews and buy good one. Price will be around 200-500 INR. - brown sketch pen. Follow the video for step by step preparation. Let add your own ideas on top of this and create innovative, beautiful Cow Shed craft. About us: In our hectic life we often run out of time to create something meaningful and out of the box for our kid’s school projects. Many times, mundane chores of life stop our creativity. At “A1 school Projects” we transform simple ideas into genuine and beautiful projects by using creativity as a tool. Come join us and see Easily available, simple and relatively cheap materials getting shaped up into artistically astonishing pieces of an art. Our videos will teach you how to use your creative intelligence and develop creative thinking for your kids by creating various school projects. Come be a part of this journey of creating school projects along with your kids We will keep adding new Projects, craft videos but still without your feedbacks and suggestions difficult to proceed further. Once again thank you for watching our videos and please subscribe and share our channel and enable notification to get update on new DIY projects and crafts. Your suggestions and feedbacks are most and always welcome. Write us @ "a1schoolprojectsandcrafts@gmail.com" Subscribe us @ https://youtu.be/Ak8F8ACmGuw Facebook page @ https://bit.ly/2ViJZqN All the best for DIY Projects & Crafts. A1 School Projects & Crafts Your Suggestions... Our Creations... #diycowshed #houseofanimals #schoolprojectcowshed #a1schoolprojects&crafts #makingofcowshed Nitin Kulkarni Rajesh Salunkhe

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