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ASMR Eardrum Scratching 👂💘(Close, Intense, Ear Tapping)
ASMR PPOMO 2.56M Inscritos 422 O número total de vídeo 679.9M Visualização Total 2021-07-29 PublicadoDados atualizados em 2022-01-27
As visualizações de vídeo1.32M
Rácio de gostos 100%
Número de comentários919
Taxa de visualizações 51.8%
Valor estimado do vídeo $ 26.5K - $ 47.7K
Taxa de Engajamento 3.42%
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asmr asmr ear scratching asmr eardrum asmr mic scratching asmr 귀 긁기 asmr 귀청소
Hello, thanks for waiting! XD this is PPOMO and new video! I tried ear(eardrum) scratching with various different tools like pure hands, nails, feathers, metal, wood, brushes! It might be simple and basic(always) but I think it needs sometimes for public. XD I hope you enjoy this! #ASMR #ASMREarScratching #ASMRMicScratching

00:00 preview
01:51 pure hands and nails
11:51 wooden objects
16:55 silicone earpicks
22:13 brushes
27:20 metal objects
40:22 feathers
49:46 cotton swabs

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