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WHY YOU SHOULD Try Out FIRE & Sun King's Blessing
Markonicus 9.23K Inscritos 120 O número total de vídeo 1.33M Visualização Total 2021-08-30 PublicadoDados atualizados em 2022-05-03
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Hey guys, today with a fiery video - Reasons why you should try out the buffed version of Sun King's Blessing (SKB). The Legendary hasn't been buffed, but made to work properly few weeks back.
These are just my personal opinions, I think that this is the best Mage build at the moment. This comes with a catch tho! I think that there are more BEST Mage builds currently and this is one of them!
I hope that you enjoy the video and always you can check out my pages:
Have a nice day!
#wow #fire #skb