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Double Trouble
TheOrigin79 229 Inscritos 185 O número total de vídeo 81.55K Visualização Total 2021-09-15 PublicadoDados atualizados em 2022-07-17
As visualizações de vídeo12.49K
Rácio de gostos 3.6%
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Taxa de visualizações 100%
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Valor estimado do vídeo $ 300 - $ 549
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Star Citizen Polaris 3d print Anycubic Vyper Anycubic Mono TheOrigin Arrow RSI Anvil RSI Polaris Anvil Arrow
This shortfilm and 3d-print was created to celebrate the ship showdown event for the upcoming mmo Star Citizen. ( Sadly only "flight ready" models are allowed, so i cant participate yet.

You can help my by leaving a like over here in the community hub:

There is also a making of video:

The title double trouble implies two things: 2 ships & 2 projects at once.
Featuring #RSI #Polaris and #ANVIL #Arrow.

You can find the project at the community hub. If you like what you see, go there and leave a comment and like for more future content!

Music in the video is created by
(official soundtracks)
(unofficial soundtracks)
Caden L. Welborn -
Nicholas Fitzgerald -

The model has 51cm size at a 300:1 scale. It was printed on #Anycubic #Mono & #Anycubic #Vyper.
The overall creation process for modelling, animating, printing, painting and creating all the video content here took about 3 month.

I also created a collection of high-resolution pictures for you to download: