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The BEST Taylor Swift TikTok Covers (Midnights)
Tristan Paredes
Tristan Paredes 2.57M Inscritos 484 O número total de vídeo 402.32M Visualização Total 2022-11-27 PublicadoDados atualizados em 2023-02-02
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0:00 Intro
1:50 Lavender Haze - b2gmusic
2:21 Maroon - Maarianacardoso
2:58 Anti-Hero - shell_tendero
5:00 The Great War - nishmaa
5:25 Snow on the Beach -
7:05 YOYOK benellismusic0
7:35 Anti-Hero - seavey_daniel
8:17 YOYOK - marletevolz
10:18 Mastermind - loumayy
11:27 Vigilante Sh*zz - soundofsamfire
12:06 Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve - sheridan_adams
14:45 Anti-Hero - sapphire official
15:33 Bejeweled- theycallmelen
16:33 YOYOK hialfiejukes
19:31 Karma - evawestphal
20:06 Labrinth - billissingingagain
20:27 Question - imflorarose
21:09 Bigger Than the Whole Sky - danielaaaaa.mp3
22:09 Midnight Rain -
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#taylorswift #midnights #tiktok


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