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Why A Runner Needs to Strength Train
Bob & Brad
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Mike (PTA) Interviews Physical Therapists RT Hill & Niraj Vora from the Stride Shop about Strength Training for Runners
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About The Stride Shop
"We founded The Stride Shop to help runners dealing with injuries get back to training and racing strong. Having worked in various physical therapy clinics, we know that runners deserve personalized care, which isn’t always available in traditional healthcare settings. 

Rather than being told to run less, stop running, or take medication when something derails training, we get to the root of the issue. We provide one-on-one care, decades of experience in the sport, and a practical approach to help you nail your goals. We don’t sacrifice longevity and health for short-term fixes. Dealing with injury or poor performance is difficult. We are here to help you meet the challenge. "

~~~Video Chapters~~~
0:00 Intro Song
0:08 RT Hill & Niraj Vora Introduction
0:35 The Benefits of Strength Training for Runners
4:12 Basic Strength Training Exercises for Runners
6:01 How Many Days a Week Should Runners Lift
7:17 Lifting Heavy VS Light Weights for Runners
10:08 The Importance of Mobility & Stretching
12:25 The Stride Shop Website Information

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