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Matt Jones
Matt Jones 656K Inscritos 433 O número total de vídeo 109.58M Visualização Total 2021-07-24 PublicadoDados atualizados em 2021-11-27
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It's the day of qualifying at Red Bull Hardline 2021, with the live race tomorrow to crown the gnarliest pro downhill MTB racer the champion of Hardline, the worlds most insane downhill race track. My twin brother Jono will be racing and has now ridden every one of the new jumps and features on the changed course for this year. The jumps are huge and all the riders have teamed up to ride this savage series of gaps and blind drops.
Red Bull bought 5 brand new pit bikes for all the racers to go head to head for an epic pit bike race in 5 teams, it was insanely fun racing around a field and watching everyone crashes on the mini motorbikes.
Enjoy some POV riding from Jono, Bernard Kerr and Brendan Fairclough just before we go live for finals and qualis today and tomorrow. Good luck to Bernard after a crash in practice today, he's super motivated to produce a winning run and make it 3 wins here at Hardline.