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8 Minute Meditation You Can Do Anywhere
Yoga With Adriene
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An effective and impactful guided meditation designed for you to practice in 8 minutes. This can be done in any space you feel safe and comfortable in. You can do it on your mat, in a chair, on your bed, or out on a walk, while traveling, or out at the park. You can even do it in your car. (not while driving)

Use this meditation for a quick break in the day to reset your mind, restore your body through your breath, and become a more mindful version of yourself!

*This would also be a quick and effective way to start or end your day.

This is a meditation for everyone, no experience necessary.

If you can find ten minutes in your day, you can do this practice with two minutes to spare!

Let me know how it goes for you in the comment section down below!

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