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Embalming My Bestie
Cold Hands Hosts
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Recorded April 2019- Published March 2020

I figured sine I have been inviting families to share their Grief Journeys with you I may as well share one of my own.

****This video is not intended to offer Grief Counseling****

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The "Hi Precious" Scholarship Fund was initiated to help break down social and political barriers for aspiring female embalmers, all donations made in the name of Laura Nelson
will go to helping women gain an edge in the prep room. Every $250 creates an opportunity for one woman.

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This documentation of grief was created with the permission and support of the Nelson Family and Friends. Special thanks go out to Troy and Nicolette Gruelich, Mama Eileen Nelson, Patrick and Kathy Fabion, Linda Vance, Nancy Mc Kain, Anna Rodriguez and especially Laura Nelson-Gruelich who above all supported my efforts to share my talents as an Embalmer and supported my efforts to help professionals and families through the use of social media. I love and miss you Laura. Your gentle heart, kindness, strength and willingness to help others will live on in my memory. Until we meet again girlfriend!

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