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How I Breed Ball Pythons
BallPythons9 1.39K Inscritos 43 O número total de vídeo 224.55K Visualização Total 2011-03-17 PublicadoDados atualizados em 2022-02-27
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Here is an [edited: old] vid on how I breed BP's. This is meant to help people, but you should always get info from as many sources as possible. I forgot to add that I like to breed males at least 1 yr. old and 800 grams, and females at least 3 yrs. old and 1600 grams (people breed them younger/smaller, but those are what I would consider "safe" weights and ages). I obviously don't have the snakes or experience of the Barkers, BHB, etc. so just use this as a reference and get info from as many good sources as possible. Here are a few: