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Entrou no YouTube em: 2017-09-12Área: Noruega  Idioma: Inglês 
964K  0.31%
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43.65M  0.58%
Média de visualizações
919.02K  0.62%
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18,327th  (Top 1%)
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24th  (Top 1%)
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0  (Mês Recente)
Est. Partner Earning
$ 7.24K-$ 14.54K
Est. Potential Earnings
$ 3.99K  (Cada vídeo)
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8.21M Views· 2018-12-16 Data de publicação· 312.12K Gosto· 10.69K Comentários

Open for FAQ and everything included! Hello everyone! Here’s the long awaited updated version of how I take notes! This technique has saved me this semester as I don’t have to write separate lecture notes and textbook notes, and I hope it can help you as well! ☺️ I’ve been on a little break from social media these last few weeks, just to focus on my studies, family and friends. I’m finally seeing the end of exam season (only 1 exam to go!), and Christmas is finally around the corner. I hope everything is going well for all of you who have finals at the moment, and I wish everyone who celebrate all the best for the holiday season! ❤️ Small tip; if you don’t already follow my Instagram, you should check it out! I post updates quite frequently there, so you’ll know when there will be a new video. Anyway, I hope you’re all well. Take care ❤️ Studytee xx STATIONERY INCLUDED: - Notepad: EMO college grid paper (generic brand from a local bookstore) - Pens: pilot frixion 0.5mm needle point - Coloured pens: uniball signo erasable pens - Thicker pens: pilot frixion color pens - Ruler: staples - «Eraser»: pilot friction eraser - Sticky notes: Clas Ohlson FAQ (will not be answered in comments): Which grade are you in? - I’m in my first year of university, studying medical technology! How old are you/where do you live/what's your name? - I’m Therese, 21 years old from Norway (please check my IG FAQ before commenting something rude regarding my age! Thank you) Can you send me your notes, or do you sell them? - I post some of my notes on Instagram, and other than that I don't share/sell them, I'm sorry! SOCIAL MEDIA AND CONTACT INFORMATION: My instagram: For business enquiries: [email protected] (NEW EMAIL ADDRESS) (Non-business enquiries will not be answered on this mail address. If you'd like to ask me a question or send me a message then please send me a DM on instagram!) OTHERS: Music: Music by and Camera used: canon eos m3 with 40mm lense I edit my videos using iMovie, and my thumbnails are made in Canva!

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