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Even when I start right on time, fate decides uploading late is the only way to go. Seriously am sorry to everyone, I had very little control over all the things that were happening throughout the month of September and because of that, I wasn't entirely sure I'd be uploading at all. Now it's finally out and...well, considering how long I've had to wrestle with this video, it's hard to tell if it's even good anymore. LOL I feel like every time I make you guys wait, the end result simply isn't worth it, but I think I've just been over exposed by this point. SO, I'm gonna have a little faith in my results, after all, if you guys love it, that's all that really matters right? Big thanks to Adam again for voicing lines, he was probably the best and funniest part of this entire video. And another thanks to my friend Tom for editing this video and saving my rump. More about that in the pinned comment of this video if you're curious. Anyway, I love you Bedheads, stay safe! P.S. Chad and Katie aren't actually their names, obviously. So don't sue me YouTube. --- FOLLOW THEM! Rhude Rhino YouTube: Twitter: Airoah YouTube: Twitter: SomethingElseYT YouTube: Twitter: Tom: YouTube: Twitter: ----------------------------------------- WHERE YOU BEDHEADS CAN FOLLOW ME: Business Email: Twitter: Instagram: --- MUSIC/SOUND CREDITS: I do not claim or own any of these songs, any of the music I use is either free to use for monetization from the YouTube Audio Library with no licensing required OR I edit the song enough that it should, hopefully, fall under the guidelines of fair use.

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