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Get a cal-7 skateboard padded socks Salt pills (by using my links i get a commission of the sale) today ill be sharing some of my favorite skateboarding life hacks that will make your life as a skateboarder easier. So without taking up any more time lets jump right into it 1. Melted laces a. Shoe laces are the only things that break more often than boards, but there is a way to add some protection up front. b. After you lace up your shoes, briefly take a lighter to the exposed areas that are going to scrape against the board. By lightly melting the nylon fibers in the laces, they’ll harden and become more durable. Not sure if lighting the rest of your shoes on fire will also give them +5 Defense but it’s worth a shot. c. Only melt your laces is they are made out of nylon or else they will just burn. d. For skaters with shoelaces made out of cotton or any other material you can get the same results by putting super glue or hot glue on your shoe laces. 2. Shoes torture/microwave/oven a. By microwaving your shoes, you can bend the rubber in the sole and walk around in it while it’s more flexible, helping it stretch out around your foot and feel worn in in a matter of minutes, rather than days or weeks. b. If your shoes have metal eyelets you might think of heating them in a 350° preheated oven, but you’ll probably end up melting them. For shoes with metal parts, better to just nuke them on multiple, really short increments (2-4 sec at a time). c. The other method is to lay your shoes in the street and slowly drive over them with a car. This loosens the rubber in a way that’s a little more akin to the twisting and bending you do when you’re skating, only a little less precise. It’s science, but not rocket science. d. 3. Wax the edges of your board and the places you get wheel bite a. When people complain about rough ground, they’re usually talking about how annoying it is to roll around on cracks, rocks, and sand. But some claim that the imperfect ground hinders their pop. b. According to ledge tech sorcerer Ronnie Creager, the solution is to wax the edges of the nose and tail where they hit the ground. This is supposed to help the board bounce more smoothly off the pebbles and pop higher, as if you were skating buttery warehouse cement. c. Other pros we talked to thought this idea was too far-fetched to work, but actually, it might just be crazy enough to work. d. 4. Flip your bushings a. All bushings eventually get warped, and no amount of manhandling the trucks or doing more turns in on direction or the other will bring them back to normal. b. To keep his board riding straight, Mark Suciu said he likes to take the bushings out every once in a while, rotate them around 180°, and put them back in. Then they get warped on the other side and even out. Sounds good, but like most skaters I’m too lazy to do anything more scientific with my trucks than bash them against the ground like a caveman. 5. Make wax a. You can make wax with cryaons and candles. Just put it in the oven and let it cool. 6. Make your own ledge a. Lets say your skate park is miles away and you want to make your own ledge. All you need is 4 or more cinder blocks 2 metal copings and cement glue. Just assemble the cinder blocks and glue on the copings slap some of that homemade wax onto it and your done. you have a ledge you can skate anytime you want. 7. Mark your front and back trucks a. This is a useful tip for when you get a new board and are taking off your old trucks and putting them on a new deck. Just take a sharpie or any marker and put down something that will help you distinguish the back from the front trucks. If you don’t do this you could put your trucks on the opposite way from how they were before and it will cause your board to feel weird when you ride it because of the way your bushings get broken in over time. 8. Use deodorant as wax a. If you are out of wax and in dire need of it and there aren’t any skate shops close to you using deodorant as wax works just fine. You can latterly go to any gas station or convenience store and get some for $2. And on top of that its handy to keep on you because unlike wax its inside of container and doesn’t cause a mess 9. Avoid grip thumb by sanding down the front of your board a. A lot of new skaters and even experienced skaters will get grip thumb when they set up a new board. Grip thumb is often caused fresh grip tape rubbing the skin off the thumb you hold your board with. To avoid this simply take the remaining extra grip tape you have after you set up your board and sand down the area you put your thumb on.

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