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YouTube Channels with Similar Grade in Noxscore

InfoCategoriesAudience CountryFollowersAvg.Views Nox Score
MiniatureAnkit MiniatureAnkit Entretenimento Estados Unidos
2.6K 100%
3.03K -9.19%
(京耀)翡翠珠宝店 (京耀)翡翠珠宝店 Atividades não-lucrotivas Taiwan China
2.61K 100%
269 122.31%
KiLLeR RaiHaN KiLLeR RaiHaN Jogos Outras
2.56K 100%
509 -5.04%
エムパンCh. MOパンダ エムパンCh. MOパンダ Jogos Japão
2.61K 100%
882 -15.84%
MrbalochYT MrbalochYT Jogos Catar
2.62K 100%
320 -18.16%
Exo The Gamer 😎 Exo The Gamer 😎 Jogos Estados Unidos
2.56K 100%
7.03K 51.63%
Fatih Cnr Fatih Cnr Entretenimento Alemanha
2.57K 100%
1.8K -1.58%
Jayden Family Vlogs Jayden Family Vlogs Pessoas e Blogs Estilo e Moda Austrália
2.62K 100%
788 -29.45%
먹거리 delicious foods 먹거리 delicious foods Pessoas e Blogs Coreia do Sul
2.6K 100%
1.43K -22.70%
마사토끼 마사토끼 Jogos Coreia do Sul
2.58K 100%
562 0.90%

Standard of Grading about Noxscore

Subs&Channel growth(35% da pontuação total)

The more subs and video views you gain, the higher the score.
The faster your channel grows during the last 30 days,the higher the score.

Video updated frequency(15% da pontuação total)

We evaluate this factor based on the videos during the last 3 months, The updated frequency of the video is more stable and the score is higher.
It is recommended to release 3-5 videos per week. If you don’t released any video within 3 months, the score will be very low.

Video performance(35% da pontuação total)

We evaluate this factor based on the videos during the last 3 months,and calculate the ratio of the subs and per video views.the higher the ratio,the higher the score.

Engagement Rate(10% da pontuação total)

We comprehensively calculate the ratio of the comments,likes and views of the video; the higher the ratio, the higher the engagement rate and the higher the score will be.

Social media abundance(5% da pontuação total)

Social media like Instagram、twitter、facebook,etc,will be beneficial to share and spread. You have more kind of social media account,the score will be higher.
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